Vonda De Ville in Temporal Follies
- an Electropera

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Vonda de Ville: Janice Jackson
Composer / Sound Design: Lukas Pearse
Director: Marty Burt
Lighting Designer: Leigh Ann Vardy
Costumes: Arianne Pollet-Brannen

Choreography: Mary Lou Martin
Set Designer: Bob Chaisson
Read about the Electropera:

In an effort to kick start her career in the late 19th century, a vaudeville singer decides that “new technology” is her key to stardom – she seizes an opportunity to become one of the early recording artists.  Her colleagues mock her interest in this new-fangled machinery which steals her voice away only to be replayed later, without her presence, at a penny arcade.  She thinks they’re silly and superstitious, so she takes the gig.  But something strange and unexpected happens.  Her voice actually separates from her body and spirit, and thus begins a century-long journey through space and time, where the voice and the spirit of the long-dead singer wrestle for reconciliation.  Her spirit desperately seeks closure, an exit from the stage.  More than anything, she wants the final curtain to fall.

The first performances were on:
February 3rd through 7th, 2010 at 8PM
Pay What You Can February 2nd at 8PM
The Bus Stop Theatre
2203 Gottingen St., Halifax, NS
Tickets: $20 / $15
Info. / Reservations: (902) 429 1899

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Illustraion: Evan McMaster

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In the Press
Read the Buzz about Vonda:

"Jackson burns up the stage as Vonda ."
 - The Chronicle Herald, Halifax
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"Pearse’s musical creations are weird, wonderful and haunting." 
- The Coast, Halifax

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Vonda de Ville
in Temporal Follies
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