Magical, moving, gorgeous!

Fabulous programme!  Spectacular performances!  Great Pieces!

I felt surprisingly transported!

I found some hidden tears...

Audience Reaction

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Dawn Sonntag, composer
Megan Micelli, soprano

Matthew Tozer, composer
Yayra Sanchez, soprano

The Heart
Patrick McGraw, composer
Jayani Abeysekera, soprano

The second sight
Jessie Downs, composer
Maria Bezuidenhout, soprano

It was not the wind
Colin McMahon, composer
Shannon Dey, soprano

Young Charlotte
Beth Wiemann, composer
Lindsay Connolly, soprano


Justin Jaramillo, composer
Audrey Coté, soprano

Five and a Half Days
Kit Vaughan Soden, composer
Stephen Spencer, librettist
Lisa Perry, soprano


The Pool of Memory
Christopher Park, composer
Therese Abalo, soprano


Voice on the Wire
Carrie Magin, composer
Erin Passmore, soprano


All That Glitters
Matthew Tozer, composer
Diana Cantrelle, contralto


the hopewell
Rachel Devorah Trapp, composer
Malina Rauschenfels
, soprano

A Haunted Tableau
Alondra Vega-Zaldivar, composer / soprano

Mother of all Dinosaurs, The First Reptiles
Fiona Ryan, composer
Caroline Whalen, soprano

One - Eleven Heavy
Matt Frey, composer
Karianne Pasma, soprano
Andrew Machum, baritone
Krystyna MacKay, soprano

Bay of Fundy
Fiona Linanne composer
Vania Chan, soprano

Monica Pearse, composer
Marueen Batt - mezzo soprano

Jenny Johnson, composer
Nicole London - soprano
Alondra Vega-Zaldivar - soprano

Christopher Reiche, composer
Kate Corrigan - soprano

Liam Elliot, composer
Lisa Faieta - soprano

Sophie Dupuis, composer
Daniel Wheeler, tenor

Sally Norris, composer
Stuart Hiseler, baritone

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"This was a fantastically rich week. A life changing experience."

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