Sunday, March 4th, 2012 8pm
Dalhousie Art Gallery
6101 University Avenue, Halifax, NS
Tickets at the door: $10 / $5

Or at Dalhousie Art Gallery, call 494 2403

Janice Jackson - voice
Geordie Haley - guitar
Lukas Pearse - video processing, double bass

Bob Bauer - live electronics


Douglas Walker, Moon, 2010







Composed and improvised works inspired by the visual art of Douglas Walker, currently on display in the Dalhousie Art Gallery.  Featuring a world premiere composition entitled Rock and Variations for voice and electric guitar by Bob Bauer. 

Douglas Walker says of his work:  "It's my intention to make paintings that ask what is that?, where is that?, who is that?, and when is this?  I delight in the unexplored and the excitement of discovery … "   The musicians will honour this statement with work that is explored and discovered and in the moment using both improvisation and written music.

This exotic concert features live video processing with images derived from the Walker's paintings, the orient, other worlds, whale song and the blues . Come hear spring coils, bike chains, strap locks, and oriental massage balls wrapped up in dream states.

Douglas Walker
Janice Jackson -
Lukas Pearse -
Geordie Haley -

Dalhousie Art Gallery -

Irrevocably Blue is generously sponsored by:

The Dalhousie Art Gallery
The Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage


In the Press
"Jackson is a no-holds-barred, no-quarter-given performer with a gift for dramatic exaggeration that compels an audience’s attention from the first note to the last."
The Chronicle Herald, Halifax

"Pearse’s musical creations are weird, wonderful and haunting."
The Coast, Halifax
Irrevocably Blue
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