1881 Brunswick St., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Echoes of Time - Sagas, Tales, and Myths

Friday, April 20th @ 8pm
Saturday, April 21st @ 4pm & 9PM
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A rare fusion of visual art, storytelling,
theatre, opera, and performance art!
Part of Neptune Theatre's Spot Light Series.

Janice Isabel Jackson, Soprano
Andrew Chandler, Guide
Linda Moore, Third Eye
Arianne Pollet-Brannen, Costumes
Ruben Irons and Fenn Martin,
Art Gate Back Drop

Neptune Theatre / Vocalypse Production

Vocalypse creates, commissions, and presents unique and exciting musical events. We stretch the limits of contemporary and improvisational vocal music with an emphasis on contemporary and experimental forms, including through composed music, graphic scores, and spoken word along with singing and free jazz.  Our concerts always deliver an exciting experience for audiences.

Opera From Scratch
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A one week workshop where six composers and six singers develop six 10 minute operas for solo voice and piano based on a Nova Scotian theme of cultural or historic significance.



Current Project

CO2 - Cycle de Lieder

May 5th - 6th, 2018
Halifax Music Co-op,
2164 Barrington St., Halifax

May 5th @8:30pm
May 6th @ 3pm
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An international multimedia "spectacle"
with music by French composer, Patrick
Defossez, Duo Autres Voix de Piano,
Zellig Ensemble, and soprano Janice
Isabel Jackson.

Produced together with 2d'Lyres and www.upstreammusic.org

Generously sponsored by The Canada Council for the Arts

CO2 - Cycle de Lieder